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Total Records: 9
Name: Jainendra Kumar
Date: 01-Jul-2021

How you know: I am a parent
Rating: Very Good
Profession: Engineer
Comment: Dear Sir/ Mam Zero Admission fee decision is very good in this pandemic situation I am really appreciate as per your decision. And also I am really thanks to you for this financial support and cooperation Thank yo Sir. Regards Jainendra Kumar Father of - Drishti Singh Class – Nursery- A
Name: berlin joe
Date: 07-May-2021

How you know: I am a student
Rating: Excellent
Profession: Seo analyst
Comment: Then, I entered the model number of my wireless printer in the shown box. I am finishing this step to introduce a printer driver or apply HP direction for the HP wireless printer setup procedure. After this step, I am getting stuck to finish the HP wireless printer using
Name: ??????? ???? ?? 2014
Date: 22-Apr-2021

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Rating: None
Profession: SLEEVE
Comment: ????????????? ?????????????????? ?????? ?S?????? ????:???????????????????????????? ??????? ??,?????????,???????????, ?N???,?????????????????1) ??????????? ?????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? ?????????????!(*^-^*) ??????? ???? ?? 2014

Total Records: 9
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