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Rules and Regulations

Courtesy, Respect and Decency of behaviour and politeness of speech are vital part of our school. The teachers right to teach and a students right to learn cannot be disturbed by the actions of others. The following practices will lead to strict disciplinary action.

  • Irregular attendance
  • Habitual late coming.
  • Leaving the school premises without permission
  • Bunking classes
  • Vandalizing school properties
  • Bringing mobiles, i-pods, crackers, colours etc
  • Use of violence
  • Walking with hands in pockets
  • Running, whistling, shouting and abusing in the school premises
  • Standing in groups outside the school premises
  • Wearing jewellery, long nails, nail polish, eye liner, mehandi.
  • Improper hair cut and applying gel
  • Harassment to girls or junior students
  • Use of unfair means in the examinations.
  • Temparing with documents like achievement records, answersheet etc.
  • Bullying other fellow students.


Any student found breaking rules will be dealt with according to the intervention.

The following measures will be adopted to maintain discipline.
Oral warning and counselling.
Written warning
Issue of co-ordinator’s card
Issue of Principal’s card
Suspension varying from one day to one week.


The school does not encourage any kind of absence except on medical or some emergency grounds. In case of any such unavoidable circumstances, the parent should send an application preferably in advance otherwise through the child when he/she attends the school again. In case of any medical reason, parent should submit the medical certificate along with the fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner. Parents are advised not to send the child to school if he/she is suffering from any infectious disease till the doctor certifies his/her fitness. Such children will be detained at the school reception and parents will be asked to take them back with them.

No half-day leave will be granted except in some exceptional circumstances. Parents must themselves pick up their ward from the school.


No student shall be eligible to take the examination unless he has completed atleast 75% of attendance separately in theory, practical & internal assessment classes counted from the opening of class up to the first of the month preceding the month in which the examination commences.

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